Self-titled (2012)



For the first time the band brought in an outside producer. But this was no hired gun: Tim Bluhm first fell for the True Spokes’ music when his band, the Mother Hips, played Summer Meltdown in 2010. To the band, the Hips have been a tremendous inspiration, another longstanding outfit with an improvisational bent, festival-set background, and ear for hooks. They, too, are post-jam and self-aware. In them, and Bluhm in particular, the True Spokes found kindred spirits. Synergy is loud and clear on lead single “Back Porch,” hard-driving anthem “Old at Heart,” and mantra-like album closer “Unravel”—songs that build from ambling meditations to cathartic climaxes. It’s present in the low-key ambiance of “Saving Face” and “Rocketship.” The members of the True Spokes have never been prouder of any album recorded under any name. Fans old and new will surely feel the same.


Back Porch